See the "Ketamine" tab for details.  The fee for individual intravenous (IV) infusions and intramuscular (IM) injections are $500 and $450, respectively.  A 10% discount is offered when the recommended series of 6 treatments is purchased up-front as a package.

Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (dTMS):

See the “dTMS” tab for details.  Insurance will pay for dTMS in some circumstances; the fee for a full series of treatments out-of-pocket is approximately $10,000.

Medication Management: 

Some, but not all, clients will need medications.  Medications are prescribed by Dr. Goodwin and Chau Le, our psychiatric nurse practitioner.  Every new client who comes in for medication management first meets with Dr. Goodwin for an intake and treatment planning, and routine conditions and refills are managed by our nurse practioner.


Dr. Albro offers psychoanalytic psychotherapy and depth psychology.  Erika Cole, MFTi takes an ecleclic approach, blending elements of somatic therapy, CBT and trauma work (as a Marriage and Family Therapist intern, Erika cannot accept insurance, though her fees are reduced substantially).  See the "ABOUT US" tab for information about our therapists.

Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP):

Erika Cole MFTi used sublingual ketamine to help facilitate talk therapy.  This can make it easier to access emotions and discuss difficult topics.

DBT Group Therapy: 

Meredith Meyer leads a DBT skills group on Thursday evenings 5:30-7:30pm.  See the "ABOUT US" tab for more information about Meredith.

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM): 

Jay Callender practices TCM with a focus on pain management, orthopedic treatments and health conditions that may be comorbid with psychiatric conditions.  TCM includes acupuncture, acupressure, cupping, therapeutic massage and Chinese Herbology.  TCM has been used for thousands of years and only recently has become scientifically-validated through rigorous studies.  Jay uses a cutting-edge diagnostic approach called Acugraph® Digital Meridian™ Imaging, which gives clients objective proof of findings--contact the front desk to schedule a FREE Acugraph scan.  The first Wednesday of every month from 5-6pm we host a free information session about TCM; feel free to come by the clinic, meet Jay and learn more!  See the "ABOUT US" tab for more information about Jay.

Mindfulness meditation: 

Taught by Rob on Tuesday evenings from 7-8pm and limited to 10 students, these classes are designed to empower the participants with practical methods derived from the eight-fold path of yoga. The classes explore breathing techniques that calm the mind and raise awareness within the body using a variety of meditations focusing on the transformation of stimulus/response habits and ultimately cultivating inner peace. Some classes will include a guided meditation that demonstrates a technique, other classes will be open for participants to ask questions and find solutions to issues that tend to come up throughout the day.  See the "ABOUT US" tab for more information about Rob.  The fee is $15 per class.  RSVP for a class here.

Pharmacogenetic testing: 

Simple genetic tests can be helpful in determining a medication that will work with your unique genetic profile, and studies have shown that this can improve long-term outcomes.  This is covered by most insurance plans.

Between-session check-ins: 

Between sessions clients frequently need to check-in about side-effects, treatment progress, life events, to reschedule appointments and to just touch base.  Your provider is easily reached via the secure patient portal (the preferred method of communication) and makes every effort to reply in a timely manner.

VIP Program:

For an annual fee, you will be given Dr. Goodwin's personal cell phone number, access to last-minute appointments and around-the-clock availability.